RedIF Congress History

RedIF is establishing as the reference group focused on the promotion and advancement of pharmacometrics in Latin America. The network currently integrates research groups from Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, and had its first meeting in November 2017 in Montevideo (Uruguay), its second meeting in November 2018 in Guadalajara (Mexico), the third meeting in Havana (Cuba) in 2019, and the largest one in Porto Alegre (Brazil) in 2022. The meetings have been very successful, with increased attendance of researchers from different areas of expertise and countries.


Pharmacometrics is an emerging field in Latin America. We strongly believe that through a collaborative effort between the academic centers in creating a multidisciplinary network for collaboration, knowledge dissemination and exchange will foster the development and the implementation of pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology in different areas including basic and clinical research in pharmacology, clinical practice, pharmaceutical industry and health regulatory agencies. Further, modeling and simulation could endorse innovations in the pharmaceutical industry focused in regional health challenges.

RedIF has established the following specific aims: (1) to support and facilitate pharmacometric educational activities in Latin America, (2) to promote the implementation and application of pharmacometric tools in different health areas such as clinical practice, pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies, (3) to endorse optimal design in clinical and pre-clinical studies to promote the safety and efficiency of these experiments and harmonize clinical research in Latin America, (4) to perform multicenter trials and collaborations among member groups and (5) to create open-source databases and discussion forums regarding pharmacometrics in Spanish and Portuguese to reduce the knowledge gap and facilitate the access of new Latin American pharmacometricians.